Kemoverse is, in short, my main worldbuilding project: a post-apocalyptic fantasy world where humans have been replaced by anthropomorphic creatures known as "Kemonae" and the culture, food, and lifestyle is fitted to their needs as the world has vastly changed its function and state from centuries of age. Kemoverse serves as a sandbox world for reasoning the existence of the Kemonae as well as depicting them in a believable, interesting world.

You can find surface-level incomplete information about the world in the Kemoverse Wiki, although, it's only me that can change the contents of it. Feel free to browse it.

Kemoverse Online

Kemoverse Online is a 3d online socializing game that lets you live the life of a Kemona. You play as an campus member and can customize your look, emotes and behavior, as well as own your own room, items, and clothes, all in an optional social online environment. The story follows a path of exploring your own purpose and identity in the Kemoverse, finding your origin and cause.

Kemoverse Online