About me

[ 2024-04-16 ]

Yeah, so, about me.

I am a creative workaholic, an emotional creature, and a highly ambitious and motivated person. I love creating and explaining things close to my heart, such as complex emotions or unexplainable moods or ideas. I am often lost in my thought wondering about the purpose of my actions and its consequences, which means I'm often anxious about people, structures, or my place in the world. On the flip side, I adore whenever I find my own kin and make people that matter to me feel like they're not alone.

Social topics are of my main interest, because I struggle a lot with it. I'm diagnosed with autism and have had unending trouble interacting normally with others. In fact, I was socially isolated for about seven years, which caused a lot of trouble connecting with others. Anyways, it's better now and always improving. Thus, I feel like my personal goal is to understand how people work; for my own sake, but also because I really love bringing genuinety to this world. I think it's really necessary because normal society fucking sucks to accomodate 'different' people.

Aside from that, I love sharpening my creative skills and explain my emotions through the use of multi-disciplinary artworks (such as games) to make others feel how me or my world feels like. Thus, I love to use and command the computer. I am whole-heartedly led by emotions. Sometimes if I talk to people, I enjoy long, drawn-out conversations about life and existence and reflecting upon mine or other lives. I don't really consume so much media, I think most of it sucks.

I'm also diagnosed as transgender. Don't let that fool you, I care very little about gender stuff. When I meet with people, all I care is about that they have enough intelligence and open-mindedness to accept me as a person with intellectual depth rather a charicature. So, if you want to summarize my behavior and character as simple words, feel free, but I won't feel completely comfortable with you, sorry. In that sense, I will always, without compromise, treat you with patience and acknowledging your perspective on things. Being empathetic is in my blood.


What, you want a picture?

I am rather average height and weight, with a more-or-less androgynous look to attract the least attention, with long lush black hair, green eyes, and often wearing black clothes to blend in with the background. My accessories are often red-themed, so you would typically see me hiding behind a red scarf, carrying a smaller red bag, and wearing a red collar. I speak and type very monotone, as I'm sure you have noticed.

In safer places/at home/with trusted people, I feel more comfortable and tend to be very expressive and emotive with my descriptions and storytelling. It can be difficult to get me there, though I try my best, most of the time. I often sacrifice personal confort to try and become a better person.