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Welcome to the Kemoverse!

This is the Kemoverse Wiki, the central information repository for the fictional worldbuild project Kemoverse, its inhabitants Kemonae and its various events and eras taking place through centuries. The characters, species, lore and stories are all owned and written since 2016 by me.

The Kemoverse is the world in which all of the Kemonae characters live their lives in. It is the direct result of humanity's reckless attempts at furthering the human species and disregard of their biological heritage, which sparked a scientific accident that led to the extinction of the human era, and instead, started the Nova era and the Kemoverse world.

The main characteristic of the world is a varied climate over a flooded earth making it mostly uninhabitable, accompanied by a sprawling aquatic and vegetative life that feeds a sparse society of Kemonae of many different aimal sub-species that has a unified culture and language.

Looking for the game?

The main medium that this story is told is through the Kemoverse Online game.

You can download it at itch: TKO


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