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TunerTitle.png Welcome to the Kemoverse!

Welcome to the Kemoverse Wiki, the central information repository for the fictional world of Kemoverse, its inhabitants Kemono and its various events and eras taking place through the centuries. The characters, species, lore and stories are all owned and written since 2016 by me. These are primarily accessible through the main comic work, Novasaga.

The Kemoverse is the perpetual collective world in which all of the Kemono creatures and characters reside in. It is the direct century-long result of humanity's reckless attempts at furthering the human race and failure to respect their biological heritage which sparked an unfanthomable genocide that eventually gave birth to the Nova era and the start of the Kemoverse. The main characteristics of the world is a varied but immoderate climate over a flooded landscape with key uninhabitable locations, a sprawling aquatic and vegetative life that feeds a sparse society of conscious Kemonos that are divided in many different sub-species with an unifying culture and language.

Novasaga is the primary timeline detailing an intricately connected story of characters living in the northern part of the Kemoverse world and a select few discovering the history, truth and reality of their lives. It is told through various forms of artistic works, mainly through a comic project but also through artbooks and various artworks. The current comic volume, Astra, follows the story of first-year college students Mikela and Katinka navigating their new lives as they face the rogue club Vovinz: a group of alumnis vowing to enact revenge on the school institution. However, something more sinister might lay behind this.


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