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The Kemoverse Online is a online social furry roleplaying game where you play as a member of the virtual town of Vara along with other citizens and students. The game is primarily divided in to three main areas of gameplay: the customizable self-expressing role-play part, the side quest unlockable point system part, and the online event community part. The purpose of these are to provide a relaxing virtual world for a sense of community to let players express their personal second life: without the lackluster mini-games of most popular social world games but with the individual expression and exploration possible through open-world sandbox games.

1. Customizable role-playing game for personal expression.

.. to personalize your character and act it out as yourself

  • Unique clothes with species-based variation from culture
  • Animation editor: mix together existing animations
  • Texture editor: combine existing texture patterns for clothes
  • Graffiti/Postit/Paper plane message leaving
  • Animated in-game speech: custom font and color
  • Animation duos: interactive animations between players
  • Push and pull: manipulate the location of dynamic objects including people
  • Click to point: click real world locations to point hand (IK) or to look at it
  • Body item slots: pockets, wrist, neck are limited but appears physically
  • Inventory bag slots: Pixel grid inventory space system

2. Side-quest story progression with a point reward system.

... to purposefully grind game mechanics for self gratificating rewards

  • Side-quests for Astra story and area unlock
  • Mandatory low attendance (one class/month) with higher level classes
  • Higher level classes gives less points but can reward special items
  • Collaborative mini-games for gaining points
  • Single is for students themselves to fulfill goals (class 1)
  • Creative is for students to judge each others works anonymously (class 2)
  • Battle is for students to battle between each others in a live environment (class 3)
  • Culinary: make your own dish name and ingredients (hangman)
  • Artistry: make a sketch, others guess it (sketchswap)
  • Acting: make a convincing animation in a timeframe (charades)
  • Chess, Cards, etc

3. Social online community for continuous engagement.

... to faciliate and encourage a living world where you are expected

  • Anonymous rating of other players for social score
  • Social score is for ego purposes, but can unlock titles
  • System personnel creates in-universe events as their characters
  • Seasonal events provides everyone with special outfits
  • In-universe internet hosting player’s personal blogs
  • SMS group and single for private communication
  • LARP style fighting game battle
  • Take and share pictures on your phone