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The Kemonae makes use of clothes to cover themselves up in public, heritaging from their ancestors.


Headwear is commonly worn among the younger population. Usually, headwear have holes cut in them for the ears, so as to not seem too isolating. Flattened ears may seem intimidating, and is used by radicals.

Glasses are rarely worn for practical purposes, since most Kemonae do not have eyesight issues. Instead, most of them does not actually feature any glass and only serve for an aesthetical purpose. For the ones that require functioning glasses, they often carry the same degree of fault, and thus, most glasses can be purchased with no further examination. However most, if not all, glasses are designed in such a way that they clamp around the nose bridge, which needs to be individually fitted to each person anyways.

Chokers and collars are worn for decoration for both sexes. Bells and bows are usually attached at the front. Collars are commonly found on children, usually with a single color, and a slip with contact information for their parents. Leashes should only be used to attach to the collar if it is a child.



Leg warmers are often worn when the Kemono isn't wearing pants.

Feet and Hands

Shoes are worn sometimes. In casual situations, it is more of a personal taste, but in more formal situations it is suggested to wear some. Generally, the more outdoors and risk of dirtiness there is, the less it is expected to wear shoes.

Socks are worn very rarely, as they can have a "suffocating" feeling to the furred wearer. However, this means that Dronas usually wear them without any complaints. Typically, the socks have holes in them at the end, allowing for the toes and claws to go through, however, this would also usually require the wearer to file the claws to prevent damage to the often thin socks. Instead of socks, most Kemonos wear leg warmers.