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This is about the current active Discord server for my social circle. For previous discord groups, see Past Discord.

DiscParu.png This is Paru, me, the owner of... well, everything. This website, this wiki, this discord, this world and lore.
DiscFoks.png This is foks, a little bitch of a fox =) owner of the KonkonEmote.png creature. Friends for many years, arguing often but somehow always sticking around.
DiscLamb.png This is Anna, also called lambchop whom I met a few years ago on Tumblr. Fellow Kemono artist that people seem to overlook. We both have collaborated in some projects and exchanged arts.
DiscRodd.png This is Rodd, Anna's boyfriend. Pretty much the mediator between me and her.
DiscAlan.png This is Alan (aka idiot), whom I met in Final Fantasy XIV. We both circlejerk about how stupid people are and have a combined IQ of over 300. A musical artist.
DiscAxey.png This is Axey, a guy with a very bad fursona. I don't remember how he got in here.
DiscCaius.png This is Caius, a quiet but kind little Dungeon Master who's followed me around since forever.
DiscFauna.png This is Fauna. Silent and mysterious. Who knows who she is?...